We refer to our volunteers as the army behind The Army. If you are a professional in a specific area and you would like to volunteer your services, we might be a good fit for you. No need to dedicate endless hours or years of your time. Join one of our advisory ad hoc committees and offer your expertise in YOUR area. We would also love to have you and/or your organization volunteer to ring the bell at Christmas. Contact us for more information.


The short answer to becoming a soldier in The Salvation Army is that soldiers, aka Salvationist, are members of a Salvation Army church. We do not seek to pull anyone away from the church they are currently attending; however, we understand that people might want to express their faith by being a Salvationist. You can start by attending our worship services on Sundays at 11 a.m. Click here to see our Articles of Faith and then email us for more information. The “S” we wear on the shoulders and/or collars stand for “Save” to “Serve.”

Cadets in Training


Like soldiers, Salvation Army officers wear a uniform as an outward expression of an inward faith. Officers are Salvationist (members of the church) who are called to full-time ministry. Married couples and singles are accepted for full-time ministry. Training is a two-year term at our training college in Kingston, Jamaica. After successfully completing the training, cadets are ordained as ministers and commissioned as Lieutenants in The Salvation Army. Thereafter, the new Lts. receive an appointment to serve in one of 16 countries in the Caribbean Territory which includes Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Contact us if you wish to know more about this unique calling.